The Westchester Children’s Museum, located in Rye, New York, is a light-filled, colorful, vibrant learning space filled with hands-on exhibits not found anywhere else in this region. The Museum offers experiences in physics, science, art, technology, design, with places to climb, build, and explore…It is a place where the child leads the process of discovery and learning while the adult shares the experience through their child’s eyes. 

The Westchester Children’s Museum recently completed construction on the first phase of its building program opening 6,500 square feet of exhibit space. The Museum is a not-for-profit organization that depends on support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Museum is currently fundraising to build out the entirety of its 22,000 square foot historic landmark site. 


We receive approximately 100 visitors a day with the average length of stay being 2.5 hours. We are also a dynamic resource for schools, and are committed to providing museum learning experiences to the broadest audience possible. serves the underserved communities of our region, and provides a welcoming environment for all children. 

Among the interactive exhibits found in the newly named Hoch Laager Boardwalk Galleries are Curry Automotive Toddler Beach, the KEVA Planks Construction Zone; the Con Edison Energy Gallery featuring Build Your Own Roller Coaster; the Make a Difference With Loukoumi Reading Nook, and a large, ever changing Makerspace with activities dedicated to art and to science and technology. 

Build Your Own Roller Coaster sponsored by Con Edison

Build Your Own Roller Coaster sponsored by Con Edison

In addition to onsite exhibits and activities, Museum Educators provide interactive science, art, and cultural programming to children across Westchester County through the Museum Without Walls educational outreach program.  We now work with more than 50 community organizations.

A Museum educator assists a young visitor in a Makerspace workshop

A Museum educator assists a young visitor in a Makerspace workshop

The Westchester Children's Museum offers:

  • A vibrant, interactive, safe setting for children and adults to come together and interact with each other and other members of their community;
  • A hands-on programs designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Accessibility for all learning styles and abilities;
  • A venue for school trips, including pre- and post-visit educational programs;
  • An educational resource center



Our Mission Statement

The Westchester Children's Museum is a vibrant, interactive learning space providing children, families and school groups the opportunity to nurture curiosity, enhance knowledge and ignite imagination through creative hands-on exploration. The museum is committed to broadening knowledge of the arts, the environment, multiculturalism, and the local and global communities in an educational and recreational atmosphere.

Read the vision statement written by founding board member Mary Grantham-Campbell.