Our exhibit space currently provides 6,500 square feet of exhibits year round, but this is just a fraction of what we have planned... Fundraising is now underway to develop the remainder of the 22,000 square foot historic landmark building into a full service educational facility filled with exhibits, classrooms, a performance theater, and gift store. 

Phase 2 will feature signature exhibit elements that are unlike anything found in the Westchester region including:

The Climber A one-of-a-kind climbing structure specially designed to wind its way through the length of the Westchester Children's Museum and up into the clerestory of windows that fill the museum wtih sunlight. When built, the Climber will be a signature exhibit and a landmark structure for play in the region. Click through to learn more.


Water Play Three major water play structures and stand-alone water-based activities are planned for the next phase of the Westchester Children's Museum. Water play in children's museums is the epitome of interactive, tactile experiences for children. Our water stations will include Water in the Natural Environment, Water in the Built Environement, and Water Play (think tubes, tunnels, water jets and sprays). Click through to learn more.


Universal Design

Adhering to a philosophy of Universal Design that goes well beyond providing accessibility for people with physical disabilities, the full museum’s environment will be multisensory, multilingual, and multicultural, with a variety of physical dynamics to enable visitors with any background or learning style to find their place.  The design addresses the spatial and tactile needs of learners at varying stages of physical and cognitive development, and provides an environment that encourages social and cultural interaction, scientific inquiry, and playful exploration.

The Westchester Children’s Museum is in the midst of a capital campaign to build out the full museum and the exhibits above, designed to encourage imagination, play, and interactive learning on a year-round basis. Supporting this campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create something of true lasting value for the thousands of children in the region.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us today at or (914) 421-5050 or DONATE today.