The Westchester Children’s Museum (WCM) isn’t waiting for construction to begin before providing youngsters with innovative exhibits. We took full advantage of our boardwalk location at Rye Playland by welcoming children and their families with two interactive exhibits over the summer.  From May through October 2014, WCM welcomed nearly 7,000 visitors inside our new location in the North Bathhouse at Playland with creative exhibits that allow for exploration in science, technology, engineering, art, and architecture.  The museum plans to reopen in May of 2015 with expanded exhibits and makerspaces.



KEVA PLANKS - an interactive experience comprised of thousands of small, uniform building planks yielding endless creation possibilities. Incorporating elements of art and architecture, the exhibit will challenge children, fuel creativity, and allow for collaborative interaction.  You've seen what kids can do with a box of 200 of these blocks, now imagine what they can do with 15,000!


BUILD YOUR OWN ROLLER COASTER - An interactive, hands-on experience that involves the creation of your own roller coaster from design phase to testing phase.  Visitors will have a chance to make discoveries about force, energy, friction, and stability - all while having a great time.  The exhibit was developed by the Ontario Science Center in Toronto.


The BUILD YOUR OWN ROLLER COASTER exhibit was generously underwritten by: