MakerSpace: Tinkering Table and Creativity Table

Offering unstructured time and materials, our MakerSpace gives kids a chance to work on their own projects, solve problems together, and try things out over and over again. Its a true learning laboratory. There are no mistakes at a MakerSpace.

The MakerSpace offers dual opportunities for STEM learning and for creative arts and crafts projects. We provide visitors with a multitude of design materials and suggested special projects developed by our Museum Educators. The program is part of the growing global Maker Movement that encourages hands-on learning environments designed to foster experimentation, invention, creation, and exploration through design

Exhibits in this area include: a hovercraft design challenge and wind tunnel, a rotating science Tinkering Table (topics have included: Science of Sound, Magnetism, Circuitry, and Mathematics of Shape), a large engineering construction set called Rigamajig, magnet blocks, and an art making Creativity Table

Upcycle It!

Help WCM promote and support environmental awareness. We will reuse, recreate and rejuvenate your donated items for our MakerSpace. Help us upcycle by donating any of the following when you visit -  EVERYTHING MUST BE FULLY CLEANED!  We only want the items listed in each category:

Boxes:  cereal boxes, shoe boxes, SMALL boxes smaller than a toothpaste box

 Plastics:  clamshell containers, egg containers, fruit baskets, bottle caps, all colors all sizes, thin plastic grocery bags, yogurt cups, drinking cups                       

Paper:  construction, copy, specialty, printed, textured, large, wallpaper sample books, magazines (appropriate for children), coloring books (partially used ok)

Fabric:   all types, remnants, sample books yarn, ric rac, ribbons, thread, pot holder loops

Wood:    chop sticks, bamboo skewers (unused), sticks of all shapes and size, small wood shape pieces

Craft Items:   buttons, corks, beads, feathers, assorted craft items

Rocks:     small, smooth. rounded for painting

Stamps:  all for ink stamping

Tape:  all types 

Art Supplies: all types

SMALL toy, game parts, and figurines for mosaic





The science-based MakerSpace is underwritten by The Schoen Family.