Offering unstructured time and materials, our MakerSpace gives kids a chance to work on their own projects, solve problems together, and try things out over and over again. Its a true learning laboratory. There are no mistakes at a MakerSpace.

The MakerSpace offers dual opportunities for STEM learning and for creative arts and crafts projects. We provide visitiors with a multitude of design materials and suggested special projects developed by our Museum Educators. The program is part of the growing global Maker Movement that encourages hands-on learning environments designed to foster experimentation, invention, creation, and exploration through design.

Exhibits in this area include: a hovercraft design challenge and wind tunnel, a rotating science tinker table (topics have included: Science of Sound, Magnetism, Circuitry, and Mathematics of Shape), a large engineering construction set called Rigamajig, magnet blocks, and an art making table






The science-based MakerSpace is underwritten by The Schoen Family.