Wind and Air

This area encourages children to explore the effects of wind, air currents, and weather against a visual backdrop of the Westchester County airport.  They can experiment with parachutes and wind tubes, learn about Bernoulli's principle and the physics of air power, and come to understand that natural phenomena such as weather involve interactions among air, water, and land.

wind and air sm.png

Shadow Theater

In this area, children will use shapes and shadows to create landscapes. Featuring three individual shadow making stations and a work area where children can find or make shapes, children will create silhouettes to represent the different types of communities found in Westchester: urban, suburban, and rural. This area also features zoetropes to introduce the idea of animation.  Children will select or create images to animate.


Build your own Roller Coaster

In recognition of our location at historic Playland, there will be a roller coaster exhibit where children can test their skills at designing their own coaster track.  They will experiment with momentum, friction, and energy, and explore the movement of accelerating balls.  Children will make hypotheses, test their assumptions by raising or lowering the tracks, and learn about gravity and physics.  Three premade test tracks allow smaller children to join in the fun.


The music area features an iconic music maker, where children can hear the sound of a particular instrument by touching that instrument on a screen. Interactive music stations will include a light harp that uses colored beams of light in place of strings, a playback music mixer with a keyboard, drums, and a scratch turntable, and a place to conduct an orchestra.