This area of the museum will feature three permanent water tables and a few stand-alone water-based activities that allow children to experience water as an element, its power, and its significance in nature.  The water zone will make specific reference to actual water elements in Westchester County such as the Croton Aqueduct, Kensico Reservoir and Dam, Bronx River, and Long Island Sound.


Water in the Natural Environment

This unit will encourage children to experience water as a substance and learn about its natural sources.  A weather machine will simulate thunder and lightning, fog, and rain.  Sections will represent groundwater, geysers, streams, lakes, and the ocean.  Jets churn the water to represent river rapids.  Children can make waves in the ocean tub.

Water in the Built Environment

This water table will focus on human use and manipulation of water resources.  To demonstrate hydropower, water will move across the buckets of a large wheel, which will then power a mechanical toy.  Children will use spacers to divert water flow and collect it in reservoirs.  They can manipulate the levels in water towers to see how it affects water flow.   A see-through highrise building will show the network of pipes that distribute water to sinks, toilets, and showers.


Water Play

Sometimes water is just plain fun.  This table will help children understand water through playful activities. They can use water blasters to shoot water across an area to hit a target, make another part of the water unit move, or blast someone who enters the clear glass pop-up chamber in the center of the unit.  Tubes, wheels, gears, cups, and spouts are used to create water sculptures.  There will be lower height areas for younger children.