March Programs at the MakerSpace


Crayon Etching
Also known as Scratch Art, Crayon Etching is a classic visual art that exploits the properties of water-based ink or paint and waxy crayons. This is a great opportunity for kids to understand the process of engraving using lines, colors, pattern and textures.

Science and Tinker Table: Why Knot?
So if you get a big knot in your hair you might not be too happy, but there are times when we really need knots!  This month we will show you lots of special knots and what they are used for.  And we'll have lots of shoes and sneakers to help you learn the different ways people tie shoelaces!

April at the MakerSpace

Fan Folded Paper Butterflies

Fan Folded Paper Butterflies

Craft Table:
Spring is in the air , Let's celebrate it with fun craft of butterflies!  We will learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly with this engaging butterfly paper craft.