Volunteer opportunities are available as a one-time only or on an ongoing basis. We also offer internships and projects that fulfil community service assignments. Your time as a volunteer at the Museum helps us continue to build and grow

Opportunities could include:

Museum Floor Staff - We are interested in outgoing people with experience working with children to assist our visitors as they explore our hands on exhibits. We ask that floor staff volunteers are available for a minimum of one shift per week, from 10-1 or 1-4, Wed.-Sun.

Special Events - It is our pleasure to host special events and provide outreach programs in our community throughout the year. We are eager to build a list of interested volunteers so that we may contact you when a specific event is coming up. 

Fundraising/Marketing/Programming - If you have background in these areas and time to give, we are open to your input and assistance

Students - High School/College internships, part time jobs, research projects, and community service

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