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Expansion underway; Spring Fundraiser photos; Pop Up Shop is OPEN!; Cerealism and Collage Works: Art by Michael Albert; Membership


Opportunities for unstructured, hands-on STEAM learning…There are no mistakes in a MakerSpace.

We are a light filled, interactive play space with places for children to explore, build, design, discover, and create

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STEAM programs all week for pre-schoolers through middle schoolers.

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“We will definitely be back. My twins haven't stopped taking about our day at the museum! Kudos again to you and your staff.”

“Wonderful place to get your kid’s imaginative and creative juices flowing!!”

“It was so fun to be in a space where children are allowed to roam and play and explore freely”

“The staff was helpful and friendly and I was especially impressed by the abundance of materials available for the children”